SOTS bought the building at 4 George St in 1987 and began the process of turning it into a theatre. Over the years since then, with the help and support of society members and community volunteers, various renovations have been made to keep the building fit for purpose.  The old girl is showing her age however and is in need of a more extensive makeover.  Treading the Boards is our ongoing theatre upgrade project aimed at keeping our local theatre a safe and inviting entertainment venue for our community. 

We began with changes to the green room, including the installation of wall heaters, with funding provided by the Clutha Foundation and the next stage is to replace the floor in the auditorium and build more suitable tiered seating than we currently have. 


Not long after we purchased the 4 George Street building in 1987, we refloored half of the auditorium floor for rehearsing our major memorial hall shows, as this was the same dimensions as the stage. The floor was a floating 140mm sub frame with particle board nailed to the top. Years later we refloored the other half to match the existing floor. This was never that successful as many of the materials had changed. Over years of rehearsals, shows, and being used by Clutha Dance, the floor has started to deteriorate, with some areas in danger of collapsing under the continual weight of sets and use. The floor moved when walked on causing creaks and squeaks, making it very difficult to perform productions. We had already made several repairs to keep the theatre operational and safe, and now we are able to replace the floor completely, thanks to our generous funders and sponsors.

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You can support us right now by depositing your donation into our bank account: 03-1734-0043231-000, using your surname and TTB as a reference.  If you wish to remain anonymous, please use 'anonTTB' as a reference, and indicate your wishes on the form.

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