Some exciting news from the Musical Theatre NZ 62nd AGM, held in Blenheim this weekend...

Our very own Brent and Robyn Gardner were announced as recipients of the MTNZ Merit Award! 

This award recognises outstanding achievement and contribution to musical theatre in our communities - something that Brent and Robyn have certainly done, with both of them having given their time and talents in many capacities to SOTS for over 40 years. 

Congratulations, Brent and Robyn Gardner.

Brent became a member of SOTS in 1977, when he was a dancer in Fiddler on the Roof.  Since then he has been involved in over 30 productions, both on and off stage. A talented singer and actor, he has taken leading roles in many shows, but is also willing to step back and support others to develop and grow within the society. 

Robyn joined the society in 1981, taking the role of Bet in Oliver, but her main contribution has been her skilled and inspirational choreography and directing. With dedication and good humour, she manages to make dancers out of anyone, even novices with two left feet. Her vision as a director has led to many high quality shows.

We are very proud of Brent and Robyn and their achievements. This award could not have gone to a more deserving couple!


2021 was a challenging year for everyone, but we at SOTS are so pleased to have been able to stage two shows despite the challenges.  The first was Playing Around 2021, where our intrepid team set off to entertain people all over the Clutha District with their travelling show of short quirky plays. The second of course was Dreams Are Free, a musical compilation that showcased the wonderful local talent we have here - both onstage and off. This sold out show was cut short by another Covid lockdown, but the performances we were able to stage were of a very high quality and the audiences loved every minute of them. Thanks to everyone who participated, and to Creative Communities NZ and our local sponsors.

Coming up next is another Playing Around. For more information click HERE.  The plays in this show are very short, so if you want to try your hand at acting, directing or working backstage, here is a great opportunity to dip your toes in the water. 

Another feature of 2022 will be the next stage of the upgrade of our George St Theatre, a project we have named 'Treading the Boards', as replacing the worn out flooring will be the next thing we do.  We have already secured funding from the Otago Community Trust and the Begg Trust, but we will need your help to reach our target.  Click HERE to support your local theatre.

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