Playing Around

Ready to Hit the Road Again

It's the final week of rehearsals this week - the last chance for the cast and crew to iron out all the gremlins (can you iron a gremlin?) and get this year's Playing Around ready to go.  

This is our fourth Playing Around and something we all enjoy doing, for a variety of reasons.  It's nice to get out and perform in other places, reaching new audiences and rising to the challenges that new venues pose for us.  We've dealt with a few over the years - tiny stages, no backstage areas, life-threatening staircases - even floods in the kitchen.  We like to think it builds character and professionalism: whatever happens, the show must go on.

These short plays (we have eight of them this year) are also great for our cast and crew to have a go at trying something new - directing maybe, or taking on roles that are outside people's comfort zone. And for the audience, they can relax and enjoy the show, safe in the knowledge that, if there's a play they don't like, another will be along in ten minutes.

Opening night is on Friday April 9th at George St Theatre, Balclutha.  Then we are off to Owaka, Milton, Tapanui and Waitahuna, before closing with a matinee back at Balclutha on Sunday 18th.