Rehearsals are fun....honestly!

Ok, so they are also hard work, but hey, hard work is fun too.  It's satisfying to come away after two hours of concentrating, learning, practising and doing.  We are making progress so quickly, thanks to the dedication of everyone involved. 

As you can see, rehearsals are well under way now for Dreams Are Free, our musical show for August.  We have a great cast, with some new faces and new talent joining us for the show, which is shaping up to be an exciting and varied evening of entertainment.  Robyn, director and choreographer extraordinaire, is doing a fantastic job getting us to move around the stage like professionals.  

The set construction is also progressing under the capable direction of Michael, and should wow the audience from the moment they enter the theatre. 

One of the biggest challenges is going to be costumes, and the wardrobe team, led by Marion, will have a huge job over the next few weeks making sure everyone has all the costumes they will need for all the scenes they are in.  If anyone is interested in being part of her team, get in touch!