Views from the stage

One of the best things about being in a show is the camaraderie of being part of a team of people who are giving their best and supporting each other.  Here are a couple of our lovely cast members with their reflections on Dreams Are Free.

Nathan is in the scripted 'committee meeting' that links the show together and also in several chorus numbers. "Well, this has been the first production I've had the pleasure of being around, since 2014 in my final year of high school. It's been awesome to be a part of a fun group all learning the ropes of new dances and dialogue. Plenty of laughs thus far (usually at my expense) and I'm excited for the performances and it all coming together." Nathan's Taxis is one of our show's sponsors.

Steph is not only one of our best dancers, she has also stepped up to do a lot of the publicity for the show.  "Every time I’m in a show it feels like coming home. There are some good old familiar, talented faces, and some brand new talent in Dreams are free. I am in awe of them all, each and every cast member has something special to bring to the stage and a couple of times I have had tears in my eyes from being ‘blown away’ by what I am hearing on stage. The arrangement of the musicals in Dreams are Free is perfect, bound together with some very clever and comic script. As for our director and choreographer, Robyn Gardner, AMAZING!! Her ability to get a group of people from 0-10 is outstanding. A privilege and an honour to work alongside an amazing group of talented people. No denying it has been hard work but what a ride!"  Steph's florist business, Flowers For You, is one of our sponsors.