Impossible comes true!

Tracy loves being in our musical shows and lending her talents to the chorus numbers. She's a very good dancer and also sings in the Phoenix Singers, so has a lot to give.  Here she talks about the journey of Dreams Are Free.

"It’s been great to be part of the ‘Dreams are Free’ team which includes a cast of all experience levels and ages.  It’s exciting to see the show; directed and choreographed Robyn, musically directed and scripted by Denise, costumed by Marion, stage managed by Wayne, lit up by Michael and produced by Rodd, come together like clockwork.  
I can only imagine how much prep work goes into the show before the audition dates are set!  
At our first two-hour rehearsal we each received a print-out detailing scenes for all three acts and our names listed and highlighted beside the ones we were part of.  We sang through a few of the songs to familiarise ourselves with the words and parts before moving into smaller groups to work on certain harmony parts and choreographed dance moves.
Audio files were uploaded onto our flash drive and a shared facebook group created by Carolyn where Sue could share videos of the dances to help with practice at home between our 7pm sharp Tuesday and Thursday night practices.
The rest was up to us to listen and practise at home as often as we could, a June ‘Move your butt challenge’ at work proving quite timely as I nominated ‘dance practice’ as my activity of choice.  
With talented soloists perfecting their pathways under the lights (providing plenty of earworms between practices) and group performances building from one practice to the next and the makeup ladies, Sue, Ngaire and Kirsty and hairstylist Selena adding the finishing touches, we’re all set and ready to perform our first show tonight!
Delving into the challenge of auditions, dancing and singing - at the same time (!), trying to act in between song lines, being inspired by the pros who by day range from farmers to teachers, health to trade professionals and everything in between, including some family groups too, has been a great adventure with lots of laughs along the way.
If you’ve ever thought about giving it a go – just do it! ‘Impossible comes true’ when fantastic directing and eager performers unite."