Treading the Boards

When we bought the building, the present kitchen was only a third of the size it is now, and there was a garage roller door to the outside world about where the door between the auditorium and kitchen is. There was also a potbelly stove in that vicinity, which we cranked up with all the off-cuts and left overs from set construction each rehearsal night to keep the cast warm.  The lighting room was accessed from the auditorium.

Many things have changed - the potbelly exited the building and gas heating replaced it.  The garage roller door was removed, and we extended the kitchen and added new patrons' toilets.  The staircase to lighting moved to the foyer so that the lighting and sound crews could come and go unseen.

The flooring we have just demolished was put in place to give us a dancing surface, and to replicate the size of the town hall stage so that we could rehearse with the sets on it, and allow us a smoother transition when we shifted to the town hall a week or so before opening night.  The late Ron Scott (a keen member, and a builder by trade) together with a team of SOTS members built the floor running sideways along the auditorium to get the equivalent measurements to the town hall stage. Those involved in the demolition can attest that Ron's 'temporary' floor was very well built!