Blackadder begins

The cast of Blackadder 3rd and director Selena Aitken-Boyle are well into rehearsals now, just a few short weeks away from opening night on November 18. 

Donna Osborne, production manager, is very excited to be involved the show, which features three episodes of the popular TV show, as she missed out on being involved when SOTS took on Blackadder 2nd a few years ago. "It was very successful last time round, everyone loved it,' she enthuses.

Blackadder 3rd is set in Recency England, a couple of hundred years after Blackadder 2nd. This Edmund Blackadder, ably played by Nick Brook, is the self-serving and sarcastic butler to Warwick Taylor's brainless buffoon of a Prince Regent. Fraser McAtamney is the long-suffering, turnip-loving Baldrick. 

Selena hopes this show will prove to be a popular as the last and encourages everyone to come along and enjoy a laugh - and a scrumptious dessert.

Production manager Donna Osborne making notes at a rehearsal.