From the horse's mouth

I think we've got a show...

Robyn Gardner is our very talented and experienced director and choreographer.  The veteran of many shows, her ability to organise everything from the rehearsal schedules to the lighting plan is awe inspiring - not to mention how well she has choreographed every number in the show with a cast whose dancing expertise is, shall we say, varied.

Robyn says: "I couldn’t believe how great the auditions were with such a strong line of talent.  The hard bit was then making sure all that talent was used to its best potential – which songs, what combination, so many options! And then getting into rehearsals, I find out that not only are these people talented, they are hard workers as well.  As a dear friend said once, “ I think we’ve got a show”."

Robyn in action with some of our dancers

Robyn in action with some of our dancers