Ready to go!

Auditions have been held and the cast will be getting together to begin rehearsals. We'll announce the final cast here once it has been confirmed.

The Mousetrap

At Monkswell Manor, amidst a raging blizzard, newlyweds Mollie and Giles Ralston welcome a diverse group of guests, each with their own secrets and quirks. News of a recent murder casts a shadow as a Police Sergeant Trotter arrives, revealing a disturbing local connection between the victim and the death of a young boy many years ago.

Tension builds as a guest is found murdered, and the remaining inmates become increasingly suspicious of each other. Trapped by the blizzard, with the phone lines down and the killer among them, the remaining guests must uncover the culprit before more lives are claimed.

Mousetrap has captivated audiences for over five decades with its suspenseful twists and surprises. It’s a classic whodunit from Agatha Christie that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Cast and crew needed:

Female Characters

  1. Mollie Ralston, lead, 20s-30s, new owner of Monkswell Manor, married to Giles for one year.

  2. Mrs Boyle, supporting, 40s-60s, stern, unpleasant former magistrate, complains about everything

  3. Miss Casewell, supporting 20s-30s, strange, aloof, somewhat masculine woman with an unhappy past.

Male Characters

  1. Giles Ralston, lead, 20s-30s, owns Monkswell Manor with Mollie, somewhat arrogant and jealous of the other guests attention towards his wife.

  2. Christopher Wren, lead, 20s-30s, eccentric, hyperactive young man who acts in a very peculiar manner.

  3.  Major Metcalfe, supporting, 40s-60s, retired army offier, military in manner and bearing. He is friendly and very polite.

  4. Mr Paravicini, supporting, 30s-50s, mysterious, arrives unexpectedly, appears to be affecting a foreign accent and artificially aged with make-up.

  5. Sergeant Trotter, supporting, 20s-30s, cheerful, common-place man who arrives at the guest house on skis to investigate a local murder.


  1. Radio announcer, voice only, reads BBC news reports

  2. We also need backstage and front of house crew.